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What The Bible Diet Entails?

Biblical healthy eating requires one to follow the scripture and understand what was accepted by that time. You can read more by clicking this link

In as much as it may not be evident, God is concerned about our overall health. god is concerned about our diet for some few reasons. The main reasons why we would say that God is concerned about our diet are; He loves us and wishes for our wellbeing, His communication to us is through our brain, He is our maker and regards us as His children and because our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Bible verses such as; 1 John 4:19 “We love Him because He first loved us.” Show God’s love for us and how much He wishes for our wellbeing. Therefore through His love, He would want what is best for us in this case being our diet. Find out more information in our homepage.

The incorporation of the diet and the brain is a direct one in that one needs to have eaten well in order to have clear thoughts and function well. Good eating is essential when it comes to having good communication with God and this is where the good diet comes in to give us good clarity and well-functioning brains that are ready to receive whatever God is communicating to us and has planned for us. Eating healthy in this context has its effects in that it helps the person to answer the call by God and understand better His word and scriptures. When it comes to unhealthy eating, you will see an association with poor habits and temptations that mostly call on the devil who will deceive a person to follow a path that is unjust and deter the person form God’s call.

God is also concerned about our diet because He is our creator and regards us as His children in which a parent would only wish the best for His children. it is easy to see how much God cares for us as His creation in the scriptures with the example of; “And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, said the Lord Almighty.” 2 Corinthians 6:18. Acquire more knowledge of this information at

It is important that we take care of our bodies in a way that is good and right, eating healthy and being mindful of our diet as it is the temple of the holy spirit. Bringing glory to God should be the aim of us as human beings by using our bodies in a way that is just, good and right.

Originally, the diet was made up of plants alone followed by vegetables as is seen in the garden of Eden. The diet continued to diversify and after the flood, there was introduction of flesh foods to the diet. There was some conditions attached to the eating of flesh foods.

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